Why NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
10 September 2019

At NHL Stenden you are encouraged to go beyond your limits every day, this university being one of applied sciences. This means that you will have the opportunity to work on real cases or situations with students from other programs, teachers, researchers and industry professionals, so that you can become a confident and experienced professional in your area of ​​study.

Companies around the world are in continuous search for people with an open world view, and the "Grand Tour" program offers students the opportunity to study at one of the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences campuses in Bali (Indonesia), Qatar, South Africa or Thailand. You can also choose to study at one of the more than 150 partner universities (applied sciences).

In the NHL Stenden you have the opportunity to:

  • Hone skills working on real projects;
  • Make friends from all over the world within the international student community;
  • Grand Tour travelers around the world
  • Makes a new master's program in the field of Strategy for Content and Media

The experience of Elena Balosin, an NHL Stenden graduate

"Hoi", she is Elena, a 24-year-old girl who decided to study in the Netherlands, the tulips' land, 5 years ago.

"I am originally from the eastern part of Romania, from a city on the Danube valley, from Galati and I moved to the capital of the province of Friesland to follow my passion.

It all started half a decade ago, when one chapter of my life ended and another interesting one was about to begin. Having an extroverted personality that pushed me to meet new people and the curiosity to develop my life by exploring other cultures, I made the decision to go abroad for a bachelor's degree.

I came to this decision being motivated by the opportunity that a foreign diploma can offer you after graduation or much better paid jobs within companies. The main reason that convinced me to go to NHL Stenden was not that this university of applied sciences is located in the Netherlands, this is not a comfort zone for me, but the international experience that I was going to be exposed to. The "Grand Tour" program was an initiative I had never seen in other universities and the fact that I was going to study in exotic places really caught my attention.

Because I intend to study International Hospitality Management as well, my multicultural sensitivity was a quality that I definitely liked to develop, in order to be more open to new cultures. The fact that I was studying in a different environment, interacting with the local students, the experience of traditional food and the discovery of wonderful places, were just some of the many reasons that made me choose this institution. The fact that I had such great mobility, at first as a student, the 4 years of study was an incredible experience.

One of the best experiences of my life was in my third year, when I chose to attend the "Grand Tour" program. In this way, I had the special opportunity to pursue my subspecialization in the field of "Event Management" in Indonesia and Thailand for half a year. I followed the first part of the program, the theoretical part, in Bali, where I also had some field trips to better understand the theory taught in class. The second part of the course, the practical one, I followed in Bangkok, where my team had to organize a conference for a group of international academic delegates, succeeding in just 10 weeks, in one place in none of us had been. It was a real challenge to look for presenters, possible locations and other things related to organizing an event using a completely different approach to what we used to be in Europe.

In addition to school activities, all my free time has been devoted to traveling and exploring the exotic surroundings that these two countries have to offer. In addition, in the fourth year, I had 10 months of paid internship in a Caribbean hotel, as assistant general manager, where I had the chance to further develop my leadership skills, attending meetings management and getting more responsibilities in the department. This was another unforgettable experience that I will always carry in my heart.

After all this was over, I could not give up student life yet, so I signed up for a master's program. This time, my goal was to develop my knowledge in the media field and to combine them with the experience gained in hospitality, and the Media and Content Strategy seemed to me a good program. Now, after a year full of challenges, I obtained a master's degree, which means it's time to leave the student life behind and move on to the next chapter, of a young professional.

This trip has contributed to my personal development, made me realize how different people are and the fact that when I think I'm right, it doesn't mean that someone else can't. I became a better listener and a more sensitive man. The experience gained through the decision to go to study abroad taught me to be more independent, balancing the relationship between school and social life as best as possible. Although I took this step to complete my university studies, this trip as a whole will remain an incredible experience and full of pleasant memories. ”


For more information about NHL Stenden, study programs, fees, facilities and admissions, IntegralEdu consultants are available at any time. You can also talk with the representatives of the university, present in Romania, at the World Education Fair.

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