Chelsea Independent College
Chelsea Independent College
Representatives of the Chelsea Independent College will be attending the Fair and will be able to provide you with detailed information about their organization.

Take advantage of a personal consultation by simply completing a registration prior to the event.

In addition, next to one-to-one meetings with the delegates, you will be able to participate in expert workshops and presentations on education-related topics, as well to benefit from special discounts and many other great offers.

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Chelsea College Independent is located in a prestigious modern and residential area of ​​Chelsea, known for elegant restaurants, designer boutiques, first-class stadiums and beautifully landscaped parks. The college has two modern buildings, located near Fulham Road, in one of which is opposite the Chelsea Football Club. The college has excellent transport links to central London. Its facilities include 24 classrooms, 4 laboratories, 2 computer rooms, a digital photography studio and an art studio. in which students can discover their talents and interests and develop their self-discipline, ambition and ability to socialize and work as a team.

One of the main priorities of the college is that each student receive individual attention and support in the implementation of personal plans. Most of the students are foreigners, coming from 30 countries, which bring diversity and enrich the school community. From day one, they go through an orientation program and integrate quickly into the life of the college. The college applies the "open door" policy, in which each student can communicate with teachers from each discipline. The courses are held in classes of about 7 students. Students take weekly tests and receive many homework assignments, in order to reinforce the subject matter learned in class. If necessary, additional free training is offered.

Chelsea Independent College uses an original approach in sketching the individual profile of the student, identifying their needs and developing a learning strategy, based on the system of predicting the grades, according to a methodology developed by the University of Durham. Annually, part of the graduates are admitted to the prestigious universities of Russell Group. A more informal atmosphere, closer to student life, is encouraged within the school.
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