WEF Bucharest 24 SEP 2022 - Face-to-face: 24 September 2022
Training profesori: IELTS Workshop- Cum pregatim studentii pentru Writing Task 2 Computer-Based
10:30|MEROPE 1
prof. Liliana Ibraimof
Traieste-ti visul de a studia la un liceu din strainatate: beneficii, cerinte si burse disponibile
11:30 h|MEROPE 1
Raluca-Livia Niculae
Studiaza alaturi de IntegralEdu: Experienta studentilor nostri
Descopera-ti potentialul profesional: Alege un test de orientare in cariera
14:00 h|MEROPE 1
Eliza Iosif
Visul American, Avantajele programului Work and Travel
15:00 h|MEROPE 1
Teodora Mocanu
Drumul de la licenta catre master
16:00 h|MEROPE 1
Georgiana Vieru
Discover the unique world of #ArtTechnologyManagement Teaching with ICN Business School
11:00 h|MEROPE 2
Maria Viannet, ICN Business School
Decision-makers and creators of tomorrow require skills to work in a global business environment by coupling their innovation with creativity. At ICN Business School, we offer the innovative #ArtTechnologyManagement teaching concept, a transdisciplinary approach that prepares our students to become future responsible managers. Curious? Join the presentation to discover the world of ICN!   

Study in The Netherlands - Breda University AS
12:00 h|MEROPE 2
Michelle van de Wouw, Breda University of Applied Sciences
Do you have questions such as: What is it like to study in the Netherlands? What is a university of applied sciences? What’s the value of a Dutch degree? Which job opportunities do I have?
We will give all the ins and outs and introduce you to Breda University of Applied Sciences!
Descopera oportunitatiile unei diplome in Management Hotelier oferite de una din cele mai bune facultati din lume
14:00 h|MEROPE 2
Ioana Savu, Hotelschool The Hague
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