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World Education Fair 2020 - Timisoara, 28 Feb, Hotel Timisoara
Strada Mărășești 1-3, Timișoara 300086
28 February 2020
Countdown: 135 Days5 Hours36 minutes55 seconds
29February-01 March 2020
Countdown: 136 Days4 Hours36 minutes55 seconds
World Education Fair 2020 - Constanta, 2 Mar, Hotel Ibis
Mircea cel Batran BLD 39B-41, Constanța 900658, Romania
02 March 2020
Countdown: 138 Days5 Hours36 minutes55 seconds
World Education Fair 2020 - Galati, 4 Mar, Vega Hotel
Bulevardul Marea Unire 107, Galați 800402, Romania
04 March 2020
Countdown: 140 Days5 Hours36 minutes55 seconds
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Alex, Fontys Venlo University of Applied Sciences
Mario Andrei, Groningen University student
Andrei Mario is a student at Groningen University,...
Alexandra, Sevenoaks School
Alexandra is now a Lower Sixth student at Sevenoak...
Denis Duagi, University College London
Denis Duagi chose Neuroscience at University Colle...
Alin Razvan, Bromsgrove School student
Alin Razvan P. is a fifth year student at Bromsgro...
Daria Sipos, d’Overbroeck’s College
At the end of my first year of studying A-levels a...
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